IT Sector Board

Iowa Western Community College, Looft Hall RM 022

3rd Tuesday of February, May, August and November


Purpose: The Southwest Iowa Information Technology (IT) Sector Board is created to identify current and projected workforce issues and develop strategies to address them. The Board provides an active forum for IT workforce-related topics/needs in order to keep our economic region competitive and growing. Business leaders engage in a structured discussion on the workforce challenges facing Southwest Iowa’s information technology industry.

The board is charged with providing input on:

  • Labor Forecasting – Jobs/Skills/Educational Needs
  • Career Pathway Mapping
  • Labor Force Supply/Demand
  • Best Practices-Education, Training, Employment and Recruiting


To develop and sustain a comprehensive regional IT workforce system that is targeted to high demand, competitive wage jobs that meet the needs of employers, workers and the available workforce.

View the complete Sector Board Charter – IT

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