Workforce Alignment Committee

Mission Statement

The Workforce Development Task Force operates in an advisory capacity to coordinate the efforts and activities of the Workforce Development stakeholders, to align the activities for workforce providers with workforce users (supply and demand of employees),  to facilitate new initiatives to address workforce issues, and to communicate workforce information to a larger audience.

Vision Statement

The Pottawattamie County Workforce Development Task Force will increase and sustain economic development by building a highly educated workforce that is responsive to the needs of local businesses.

Pottawattamie County Workforce Alignment Plan

The Workforce Alignment Advisory Committee engaged in a strategic planning process that resulted in a long range workforce plan for the county that was released in 2014.  The committee continues to meet monthly to implement the plan objectives and strategies, and to update the plan so that it continues to be relevant and focused on the needs of businesses and job seekers.  To see the full document, please open the link below:

Pott Co Workforce PLAN May 16, 2016

Workforce Alignment Advisory Committee Member list:  Workforce Alignment Committee Members

2016 Annual Report:   WAP 2016 Annual report – Rev 8-15-16


Workforce Alignment Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

WAAC Meeting Notes 2 17 15             WAAC Meeting Notes 8.18.15               waac-meeting-notes-10-18-16

WAAC Meeting Notes 3.17.15             WAAC Meeting Notes 11.17.15

WAAC Meeting Notes 4.21.15             WAAC Meeting Notes 1.19.16

WAAC Meeting Notes 5.19.15             WAAC Meeting Notes 2.16.16

WAAC Meeting Notes 6.16.15              WAAC Meeting Notes 3.15.16

WAAC Meeting Notes 7.21.15              WAAC Meeting Notes 5.17.16

WAAC Meeting Notes 6.21.16               WAAC Meeting Notes 8.16.16

Regional Workforce Report – 2017


Region 13 Education WNA 2017