• workforce alignment
The Workforce Alignment Grant will help prepare for the future by aligning the workforce system with education and economic development resources in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. The cohesive efforts will help to meet the demands of current and prospective businesses in the long term.


Grant Goals

#1. Business Leadership

The plan will support a leadership role for business in workforce development.


#2. Team Work

Enhance communication between business, education and service providers.

#3. Job Opportunities

#4. Skills for Youth

Provide opportunities for youth to learn about careers and develop skills.

#5. Skill building

Expand opportunities for existing workers to upgrade their skills.

#6. Reduce barriers

Reduce the barriers that limit the growth of the community’s workforce.

#7. Meet Business Needs

Strengthen the capacity of the workforce system to respond to the needs of businesses.

Iowa West Foundation

The planning effort was supported by a grant from the Iowa West Foundation.


Manufacturing Day Open House

Conductix-Wampfler in Harlan, Iowa is hosting an Open House in honor of National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 3rd,...

Sector Boards

The first meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Board was held on Tuesday, August 26th. Meeting notes are posted...

Upcoming Meetings:

- Oct 21st, 4:00, at IWCC, Looft Hall Room 023 - Nov 18th, 4:00, at IWCC, Looft Hall Room...